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coffee time cookies
The “Classici” line includes six rich and flavorful cookies that hit the spot any time of the day, whether for breakfast or at tea time. Canestrello, Maraneo, Cacao, Bacetto, Zaletto and Caffè: fragrant cookies featuring a rich texture, sweetened with traditional, yet timeless, flavors.
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aperitif time cookies
The “Frutta” line consists of fruit-shaped cookies that deliver plenty of fragrance and flavor. Limone/Lemon, Albicocca/Apricot and Pera/Pear: three delicacies that pair well with a glass of sparkling wine or fruit juice.
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tea time cookies
The “Meditazione” line features three unique cookies made with spices that yield intense fragrances. They are perfect with a cup of herbal tea or a nightcap. Camomilla/Chamomile, Amarena Cannella/Tart Cherry & Cinnamon and Liquirizia/Licorice: intriguing flavors for you to savor as you relax or meditate.
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