The cookie factory


During the first half of the 19th century, artisan production was quickly joined by the industrial one. The first cookie factories were established in Great Britain, with exports beginning in 1850. Several cookie factories were also opening in France, Italy and Holland. Production techniques and machinery have greatly changed over the years, but the process itself remains almost unchanged.

Mixers combine the selected ingredients to create an even, smooth and compact dough that is easy to work.

lavorazione impasto - produzione biscotti
mescola ingredienti - produzione biscotti

Once ready, the dough is transferred onto dies that pull it thin.

From here on, the dough slides on a continuous belt.

impasto biscotti - produzione biscotti
Produzione Biscotti Loison

The dies cut the dough and removes the excess.

inserimento forno - produzione biscotti

The cookies are ready to be baked in varying degree temperatures, up to 180° Celsius.

trafile - produzione biscotti
controllo qualità - produzione biscotti

Once baked, the cookies go through an accurate visual and manual quality control performed by our staff.

The cookies that have passed our quality control are then packaged and placed in cartons for transport.

confezionamento - produzione biscotti
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