The world of cookies


The Italian word for cookie is biscotto, from the Latin “panis biscotus”, which means twice-baked bread. The double baking process helps to eliminate moisture, so that the product can be stored for long periods of time. The first records of cookies date back to ancient Roman times, when grain biscuits, or cookies, were supplied to the legionaries of the Roman fleet. Over time, the shape, taste and texture of cookies changed and, among the wealthy Romans, it was customary to serve such treats at the end of a meal, as a way to “cleanse” the mouth. Until 996, the year in which sugar arrived in Venice, the only sweetener being used was honey. This is also a primary ingredient in our modern-day production. Over the centuries, cookies became increasingly refined. In the mid-19th century, the first cookie factories were built in England, Italy, France and Belgium. Initially, the cookies were made by hand, then the production was converted into an industrial one featuring the use of machines.

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5 sensi biscotti Loison

The senses at play


A few carefully selected ingredients are what makes our butter cookie line a symphony of fragrances and flavors. Far from being ordinary, our individually wrapped cookies embody the superior quality of the best ingredients that Dario Loison chose to include in his 12 precious creations. Tiny delights for a multi-sensorial experience that involves all our senses.



the involvement of the senses begins with the unwrapping of the cookie. The shape of the cookie tells us what’s ahead and prepares us to the tasting



by bringing it to the mouth and holding it between our fingers, we instinctively perceive the cookie’s texture



the aroma of the ingredients immediately reaches our nose anticipating the flavors to come



next is the pleasant sound of our tiny and fragrant bites of the cookie



finally, we get the explosion of flavors, delivering unique nuances that touch our heart

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Test your senses with all our cookies

Our cookie production features three distinct lines: Classici, Frutta and Meditazione. The first comprises the Canestrello, Maraneo, Cacao, Bacetto, Zaletto and Caffè cookies. These treats will complement any occasion, whether you’re having breakfast or you’re sipping on a cup of tea. The second line includes the Limone, Albicocca and Pera varieties to savor with a glass of wine or fruit juice. The last, but not least, is the line that features our Camomilla, Amarena Cannella and Liquirizia cookies, whose intriguing aromas will pair perfectly well with your herbal teas or infusions.

Tea time cookies

Pair our intriguing fragrances with a cup of tea or herbal infusion.

Coffee time cookies

From your breakfast to your coffee break, there’s bound to be a cookie that matches your taste.

Aperitif time cookies

Fragrant cookies to enjoy with your glass of wine or fruit juice.

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