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Win your customers over


Designing common areas and front desks with attention to detail says a lot about how precise one’s work is. Passion for and attention to detail in welcoming customers can make all the difference. We have designed a number of different solutions for the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry, so that any type of business – whether large or small – can offer its customers a well-deserved sweet gourmet treat.


A gift for your customers

Whether it is room service, coffee in the conference room, a meal in the restaurant or a break in the lounge area, there is always a reason to have a coffee, tea or predinner drink in the hotel. Our individually wrapped cookies are the perfect accompaniment delivering pleasure in a little treat.

biscotti per colazione hotel Loison
biscotti al burro Loison per Hotel e BeB
biscotto burro Hotel - Loison
biscotti al burro Loison per Ristoranti e bar

Last but not least

At the restaurant, coffee is often served with a little butter cookie at the end of the meal. Dario Loison has selected the best ingredients to craft coffee time cookies that keep up with all culinary specialties, for an unforgettable taste to round out the dining experience. A small and simple cookie to make a lasting impression.

biscotteria caffe Loison ristoranti e bar
vassoio biscotti burro Loison

Endless cups of coffee, yet only one cookie

Preparing and serving hundreds of breakfasts, lunches and dinners is a challenge that catering companies face every day. For this line of business, we have designed a practical display case that will allow your customers to choose their favorite cookie.

biscotteria al burro Loison per catering

See all our cookies

Tea time cookies

Pair our intriguing fragrances with a cup of tea or herbal infusion.

Coffee time cookies

From your breakfast to your coffee break, there’s bound to be a cookie that matches your taste.

Aperitif time cookies

Fragrant cookies to enjoy with your glass of wine or fruit juice.

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